About Us

Bethesda (Ang Mo Kio) Kindergarten is a Christian Preschool registered with the Ministry of Education since 1986 and is a SPARK Certified preschool. The kindergarten aims to make learning for preschool children fun, exciting and meaningful in a Christian environment.

Our vision, mission and core values focus on imparting values to children during their early years in the kindergarten.

(Increasing) in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men. - Luke 2:52

Our Vision

Each child nurtured in Christian values and equipped for a life of significance.

Our Mission

To help each child discover the joy of learning, growing and knowing God.


Values are fundamental and the motivational variables that can shape the character of each child. The Kindergarten will promote four core values, in addition to others that will be taught in the course of each term. They are: love, resilience, integrity and curiosity.


A place where the love of God is taught and lived.


A place where the child learns the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, setbacks, disappointments and failure.


A place where the child learns the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that do not waver.


A place where the child acquires a strong desire to know, discover and learn.

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