Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any deposit to be made?

Upon registration, the kindergarten will collect one month's deposit ($528). This deposit will be utilised for your child's last month of school (4 weeks) with sufficient notice given.

What does it mean when fees are collected termly?

In one academic year starting from January to December, there are 4 terms consisting of 10 weeks of school and holidays in between terms. Our kindergarten follows the MOE school calendar with one week break in March and September, one month break in June and six weeks break at the end of a year.

If my child is on the waiting list, how do I know if my child has gotten a place?

If there is a vacancy for your child, you will be contacted through phone or email.

How much can be refunded if I withdraw my child?

If you are withdrawing your child, please send us an email to notify us. One month's notice is required to be served and the remaining amount of fees will be refunded. Please note that a portion of the fees for miscellaneous items (like workbooks and readers) will not be refunded.

What happens if my child has HFMD or other infectious diseases (e.g. chicken pox)?

Please notify our kindergarten and bring your child to the doctor. Our kindergarten needs to inform MOH, alert all parents and sanitise toys and materials. Your child is able to report to school after the medical leave has expired.

How do I communicate with the teachers of my child?

Please call us and leave a message for the teachers to return call or communicate with us via the Littlelives app.

What is the child-teacher ratio?

N1 - maximum 12 children to 1 teacher and 1 assistant
N2 - maximum 15 children to 1 teacher and 1 assistant
K1 - maximum 20 children to 1 teacher
K2 - maximum 25 children to 1 teacher

Do children have snack in school?

Yes, snack is served everyday. Please refer to the General Information page. If your child has a special diet (e.g. vegetarian), please let your child bring food to school.

Do the kindergarten teachers administer medicine to children?

Kindergarten teachers do NOT administer medicine to children.

Is phonics taught to children?

Our kindergarten has our own phonics programme to teach children letters and sounds of the alphabet.

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